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Footnotes, Terms & Conditions 

Adirondack Preserve, LLC (the “Company”) Rules, Procedures and Policies*


Reservations & Cancellations: Reservations may be accepted if placed by an adult (21 years of age or older), who shall be responsible for each unit rented by that adult.  Check-in time is between 4-6pm.  Check-out time is 10am. 


Refunds: Unless otherwise specified through a booking vendor (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), (i) if a non-holiday reservation is canceled 30 days or more prior to your scheduled check-in date, a 50% refund of the total booking value is available upon request (the Company will endeavor to process qualified refunds within 10 days of such cancellation); and (ii) Holiday weeks/weekends require payment in full at the time of reservation (no cancellation refund is available).


Lodges/Cabins/Cottages: No pets allowed.  Occupancy violations incur a daily penalty of $150 per day per person and $250 per day per pet. The Company is unable to offer refunds due to the discomfort of nature, noise, disruption or for early departures as the Adirondacks are an outside experience and conditions may vary.  Be sure only to use toilet paper as provided by the Company.  Note: Seasonal sites are allowed no more than two dogs, subject to applicable law and Company policy which are subject to change (to be leashed at all times, with rabies certificates and not to be left alone without an adult).


Visitors and Deliveries: Up to 5 visitors per day are permitted on the property between the hours of 8am and 8pm Eastern.  Upon entry, visitors are automatically and immediately deemed to have signed the LIABILITY WAIVER, RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS agreements.  Daily fees for guests over age 12 are $20/day and children ages 3-12 are $10/day.  All guests/visitors assume all risks and dangers incidental to  a rustic outdoor environment including specifically, but not limited to, the dangers of being injured by insects or animals, of being injured while participating in recreational activities, such as hiking, swimming or boating and/or being injured as a result of inclement weather conditions, and agree that the Company and its members, owners, agents and employees are not liable for personal injuries, death, theft or property damage resulting from such risks and dangers.


Deliveries are strictly prohibited; guests will be fined $250 per occurrence and such deliveries will automatically become the property of the Company.  Violations may result in immediate expulsion at the Company’s sole discretion.


Speed Limit and Security Cameras: The speed limit is 5 MPH.  Please do not park on roadways or vacant sites.  Security cameras are in use on Company property.


Children: Small children should be accompanied at all times and should not be left unsupervised.  Children under age 18 may not be left alone overnight.  Children must be on their campsites by 9pm or at dark (whichever comes first) until sunrise or must be accompanied by an adult.


Swimming: Please follow the posted swim rules at all times so that we may comply with state and municipal rules.  There is no lifeguard on duty.  Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  A minimum of 2 adults (21 years of age or older) must be present whenever the swimming facility is in use, with 1 being on land.  Only use the facility during the posted hours and observe all signs.  Please notify the Company at 518.623.2198 in case of an emergency and call 911. 


Boating: Boats are available for rent, no other boats are or rafts are allowed on property at any time.  EVERY person under 18 years old must wear a life jacket while in a boat.  There must be a life jacket or flotation device in the boat for each person. 


Fishing: No live bait except nightcrawlers.  All fish are catch and release.  Do not leave fish line or hooks anywhere except your tacklebox when not in use.


Bicycles (No Motorized Land Vehicles): Bicycles are allowed during daylight hours and users MUST wear a helmet.  Electric and/or battery-operated ride-on "bikes/toys" are NOT allowed.  Boats, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles are NOT allowed.


Alcohol/Smoking: Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on the property of your unit only.  Please drink responsibly and note that the NY State drinking age is age 21.  Smoking is allowed outside only (the Company reserves the right to prohibit smoking at units as necessary).  Please remove all cigarette butts. 


Campfires: Campfires are permitted, but must never be left unattended.  The size of the flame must be under 2 feet and under control at all times.  Please extinguish flames with water before leaving them unattended.  Campfires should not be burning after 11pm.  Please do not move or change fireplaces or rings or burn anything unless it is wood or kindling acquired from the Company.


Campsite Maintenance: Units must be kept neat and free of trash and cans.  Do not place or burn, trash, bottles or cans in fireplaces or fire rings. 


COVID-19: Guests are required to comply with federal, state and municipal COVID-19 rules and regulations.  The Company may add additional rules as it deems appropriate.


Restrictions: Note: There are no tents allowed on the campground.  Empty/Unoccupied sites and their contents remain Company property ($250 fine per item removed).  Stay on marked trails only.  Bright or excessive outdoor lights are prohibited.  All outdoor lights should be off by 11pm.  Loud noise is not permitted at any time.  Sound systems must be off between 10pm and 8am. 


The following are NOT permitted at any time – hunting, trapping, firearms, air guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, fireworks, explosives, chainsaws, littering, loud music, cutting or breaking of trees ($100 fine per foot), taking of fish ($100 fine), out of control fires, damaging property or disruptive conduct.  Anyone found in violation may be charged, fined or required to leave without a refund.  No reselling or distribution of any products whatsoever. Damage to trees, plants or wildlife is strictly prohibited.  No deliveries inside the grounds are allowed. 


*All Rules and Policies are subject to change without notice at the Company’s discretion.

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